Certificate Courses In Security Training

Certificate Courses – Security

Certificate courses are nationally recognised qualifications. ISTA provides you with the essential practical skills to succeed as a professional in the Security Industry. ISTA trainers use the latest training concepts and keep up to date with the latest in international technologies.
Certificate Courses In Security Training

Advanced Courses

ISTA helps with your career progression by providing you advanced courses so that you can up skill constantly and grow as a security professional on a definite career path. ISTA’s advanced courses are prepared by defence experts based on their life experiences.
Certificate Courses In Security Training

Corporate & Personal Programs

These powerful programs can be used in everyday situations. In our society it is important for individuals to learn to protect themselves from criminal and social violence that can be a major disruption to staff life style and work performance. Sign up today to secure your staff.

Why Choose ISTA

  • We are the oldest Security Training Academy in Australia
  • ISTA has trained over 165,000 Security Personnel
  • ISTA maps a definitive career path for you in the security industry
  • Upskill yourself constantly with ISTA’s courses
  • We have the best advanced trainers in the industry. Learn from their life experiences!
  • We provide you best career advice and makes you more employable compared to other training providers
  • Get extra benefits and packages bundled with your certificate courses.

About ISTA

We offer valuable professional training and employment services to all members of the community, from unemployed people who wish to enter the security industry, to security professionals who are currently working within the security industry and Government Investigators. ISTA also supplies a V.I.P support service to all security employers and licenced security firms.

ISTA provides an ongoing support network to all ISTA members, security employers, police forces and many other government agencies throughout the world. ISTA trainers use the latest training concepts and keep up to date with the latest in international technologies.


Training Centre Locations

Deer Park
Melbourne CBD


5 part Webinar series: Staffing the Security Industry

Catch. Keep. Improve. Assess Staffing the security industry


Workshop on Behavioural Analysis

AvSec Consulting is presenting a series of Behavioural Analysis workshops around Australia and New Zealand.
Speakers are:
Former Director Security El Al – Offer Einav
Criminologist – Suzanne Lockhart
Former Qantas Manager Security Risk – William Dent


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