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Recognition of Prior Learning

Get Certified For Your Past Qualification & Experience

As a candidate, you may already have the necessary skills or knowledge required to achieve some or all parts of a nationally recognised qualification.
This may be because you:

  • Are already effectively working in the area; and/or
  • Have completed appropriate training; and/or
  • Have gained relevant experience in a similar or different industry. For example, planning skills from working in the retail industry, or other project management skills
  • Have had other life experiences where relevant knowledge and skills covered

The 5 Step Process for Determining Competence

  1. Review of National Competency Standard (Outlines what is required including what you need to know and be able to do – these are contained in the attached self-assessment checklist)
  2. Determine your current level (Complete the self-assessment checklists and submit with evidence to your assessor)
  3. Assessor reviews evidence against competencies (Your assessor will map your evidence against competencies for the qualification)
  4. Develop further competence (if required) (Attend training &/or complete other tasks as determined by your assessor)
  5. When all criteria is satisfied, a qualification is awarded

An assessor will make comparisons between your competency and the national competency standards based on evidence of competency in relevant units, which leads to a national recognition of competency as either a statement of attainment for individual units or a qualification for award completion.


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I Just completed my Certificate II with a good group of people. An eye opener into the industry and I am thankful to trainers and the staff at ISTA for the training and gaining some great advice and experience.

Robert Ceke

ISTA has been an outstanding organisation to complete my course with. Their professionalism and course structure has been at excellent standard. I recommend ISTA as a training provider to do your security course with. Staff are fantastic and very supportive. Trainers were absolutely amazing. A BIG THANKS TO ISTA!

Nisarg Dave

If you want to become a Security Guard I can definitely recommend ISTA. The trainers have a wealth of information…. Thank you for helping me become a better person and more self-aware.

Brian Evans

I did my Certificate II at the Geelong Campus. I highly recommend it for those who live in the Geelong or Ballarat areas!

Ben Harriage

I’d like to say a big thank you to all the ISTA crew. You are all so lovely and helped out to the fullest and if anyone is looking to do a Certificate II in Security Operations I believe this is the organisation you should go to. I’m continuing on to do my Certificate III in Security Operations in a few weeks. It has be wonderful and I have learnt a lot and gained so much confidence within myself. Thank you so much for all that each and everyone of you have done!

Rhee Peters

I would 100% recommend ISTA, the staff are lovely, caring and so helpful.
Best decision I ever made, it’s an amazing environment, so family-oriented and everyone is just so focused and wanting the best for you and for you to succeed, instructors are so passionate and give such a great insight, from textbook to their own personal experience.
Thank you so much for everything.

Rachel Catherine, International Security Training Academy


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